A Broken Laptop Disaster Solved With a Guts Bonus Code

Spilled Drink LaptopIf you are a fan of the Drunk or Kid Reddit thread, join the party! Today, we’ve got an unbelievably cool story to share with you and, as always, you’re the one to guess if it was a drunkard or a child that was the culprit.

Here is a story that you don’t ever want to happen to you. That’s because laptop workspaces and bowls of fruit loop cereal don’t work well together at all… The anonymous reader tells us his story.

“I was just finishing up work on a particularly busy day, there were the annual tax return papers scattered all over the desk and my laptop was sat there too. Once I decided to call it a day and go grab a bite to eat, I left the desk as it was, because I was going to pick it up again the following day.

Little did I know I should’ve at least put my laptop away. Here’s what happened. Unbeknownst to me, a person got into my office later that night with their huge bowl of fruit loop cereal, had way too much fun, knocked their bowl down all over my laptop and the paperwork and ruined everything.

So, they tell you not to cry over spilt milk, but are you allowed to cry over spilt milk on a laptop?”

How a Hefty Guts Bonus Code Helped

Butterfly Staxx Win on MobileWhat a regrettable story! Of course, bad stuff happens, but it all happens for a reason too. After his laptop was ruined and the paperwork all gone, instead of losing his mind, he went to blow off some steam with a Guts Bonus Code he’d recently received in his email.

Little did he know it wasn’t just going to replace his laptop and then some, but also hire an accountant to deal with his annual tax returns too.

A few spins on the favourite video slot, that was then the recently launched Butterfly Staxx by NetEnt, was all it took to take his bad fortune and turn it completely around. Thanks to its great in-game bonuses, the (un)lucky player was able to take home a massive £12,000 win.

Needless to say, before he went on a shopping rampage, he was able to also sock some of that money away in an emergency fund – what a financially responsible think to do.

Why You Should Seek Out a Guts Bonus Code

If this story serves as a lesson of sorts, always keep in mind that everything happens for a reason and even the worst of the stories turn into bright and positive ones.

If you’ve had recent bad fortunes and are looking to turn them around, why not try and seek out a Guts Bonus Code? Who knows, maybe the luck of this player transfers through to you just a tiny bit.

Now, we’ve kept the suspense long enough… It was the anonymous posters’ drunk roommate with his passion for fruit loop cereal that was the culprit, in case you were wondering!